TF-CBT Certification


  1. Brief MUSC TF-CBT telehealth webinar (English and Spanish): with accompanying slides from the webinar (download here)
  2. Telehealth Guide from MUSC (download here)
  3. Article on Telemental Health Guidelines for providing TF-CBT (download here)
  4. Pilot study of TF-CBT via Telehealth (download here)
  5. 3-hour video webinar on Implementing TF-CBT via Telehealth (see below)
  6. Word Versions of TF-CBT Workbooks for Telehealth Implementation.
  7. Sesame Street Workshop Video Resources – here
  8. Play Into PRACTICE: SSIC Resources for Therapeutic Intervention – here

TF-CBT Via Telehealth – Part 1

TF-CBT Via Telehealth – Part 2

Word Versions of TF-CBT Workbooks for Telehealth Implementation:

Word versions of the TF-CBT workbooks (English and Spanish) are now available to facilitate therapists in providing TF-CBT via telehealth.

Your Very Own TF-CBT Workbook – 2020 Edition

Dealing with Trauma TF-CBT Workbook for Teens

Tu Libro de Actividades de TF-CBT – 2020 Edición

Revised Dealing with Trauma- A TF-CBT Workbook for Teens-SPANISH 2020

Sesame Street Workshop Videos

These Sesame Street Workshop video links may be very helpful to therapists who are implementing TF-CBT for younger children via telehealth. You can find many additional videos, play and print resources  for young children and caregivers at:

We are so grateful to Sesame Street for making these resources available to us!



Foster care:

Community Violence (also for Enhancing Safety):

Parental Addiction (also for Trauma Narration):

Parenting Skills:

A Child’s Perspective of a Traumatic Experience:

Foster care:
(series of videos for caregivers)

Relaxation Skills:

Elmo’s Belly Breathing:

Count, Breathe, Relax:

PMR: I Can Calm Myself Down:

Affect Modulation Skills:

Name That Emotion:

Move It Out:

Elmo Shows Big Feelings:

Problem solving: Meet Maggie Cadabby:

Cognitive Coping Skills:

Janelle Monae: Power of Yet:

Bruno Mars: Don’t Give Up:

I Can Do It:

Trauma Narration and Processing:

Foster Care: A Place for You:

Homelessness: Dot to Dot:

Cognitive Processing (Understanding Empathy):

Enhancing safety:

Big Bird’s Comfy –Cozy Nest:

I Can Feel Safe:

New Way to Walk with Destiny’s Child:

Traumatic Grief:

Give Your Heart a Little Time:

Play Into PRACTICE: SSIC Resources for Therapeutic Intervention

Play Into PRACTICE: SSIC Resources for Therapeutic Interventions is a two-part video series describing materials developed by Sesame Street in Communities (SSIC) and how those resources can be integrated into evidence-based care. This course brings together SSIC videos with commentary from Judy Cohen, MD, and Arturo Zinny, LPC, and links to SSIC resources for mental health providers to integrate into their own evidence-based treatment sessions.