TF-CBT Telehealth Resources

  1. Brief MUSC TF-CBT telehealth webinar (English and Spanish): with accompanying slides from the webinar (download here)
  2. Telehealth Guide from MUSC (download here)
  3. Article on Telemental Health Guidelines for providing TF-CBT (download here)
  4. Pilot study of TF-CBT via Telehealth (download here)
  5. 3-hour video webinar on Implementing TF-CBT via Telehealth (see below)
  6. Word Versions of TF-CBT Workbooks for Telehealth Implementation.

  7. Sesame Street Workshop Video Resources – here


TF-CBT Via Telehealth – Part 1

TF-CBT Via Telehealth – Part 2


Word Versions of TF-CBT Workbooks for Telehealth Implementation:

Word versions of the TF-CBT workbooks (English and Spanish) are now available to facilitate therapists in providing TF-CBT via telehealth.

Your Very Own TF-CBT Workbook – 2020 Edition

Dealing with Trauma TF-CBT Workbook for Teens

Tu Libro de Actividades de TF-CBT – 2020 Edición

Revised Dealing with Trauma- A TF-CBT Workbook for Teens-SPANISH 2020


Sesame Street Workshop Videos

These Sesame Street Workshop video links may be very helpful to therapists who are implementing TF-CBT for younger children via telehealth. You can find many additional videos, play and print resources  for young children and caregivers at:

We are so grateful to Sesame Street for making these resources available to us!



Foster care:

Community Violence (also for Enhancing Safety):

Parental Addiction (also for Trauma Narration):

Parenting Skills:  

A Child’s Perspective of a Traumatic Experience:

Foster care:
 (series of videos for caregivers)

Relaxation Skills:

Elmo’s Belly Breathing:

Count, Breathe, Relax:

PMR: I Can Calm Myself Down:

Affect Modulation Skills:

Name That Emotion:

Move It Out:

Elmo Shows Big Feelings:

Problem solving: Meet Maggie Cadabby:

Cognitive Coping Skills:

Janelle Monae: Power of Yet:

Bruno Mars: Don’t Give Up:

I Can Do It:

Trauma Narration and Processing:

Foster Care: A Place for You:

Homelessness: Dot to Dot:

Cognitive Processing (Understanding Empathy):

Enhancing safety:

Big Bird’s Comfy –Cozy Nest:

I Can Feel Safe:

New Way to Walk with Destiny’s Child:

Traumatic Grief:

Give Your Heart a Little Time: