Start date: February 24, 2022
End date: February 25, 2022
Time: Day 1: 1000-1230 & 1400-1630 CMT & Day 2: 1000-1230 CMT

ADVANCED TF-CBT TRAINING: Implementation of Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Preschool and School-Age Children with Trauma-Related Problematic Sexual Behavior

Dates: February 24, 2022 10:00-12:30 CST and 2:00-4:30 CST & February 25, 2022 10:00-12:30 CST                                                                                                                                                            Fee: $325

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Preschool and school-age children with problematic sexual behavior (PSB) commonly present with a history ofexperiencing traumatic events and concerns of posttraumatic stress. Assessment, clinical decision making, and treatment may pose a challenge for providers when children present with both posttraumatic stress symptoms and problematic sexual behavior. As such, this presentation will provide an overview of PSB in children as well as information on assessment and clinical decision making. The primary focus of the session will focus on learning how to implement TF-CBT using evidenced-based strategies to reduce or eliminate trauma-related PSB in children. Case vignettes will increase participant’s knowledge and understanding of applying this information to their clinical practice.

Prerequisites: Attendees will participate in six monthly, hour-long, consultation calls following the training to assist in implementation with clients. There is an application for this training, a pre-test of knowledge, and pre-work that includes readings.

Eligibility: Attendees need to be professionally license eligible, successfully completed all aspects of TF-CBT training (i.e., web-based, in-person, and consultation calls), successfully completed three full TF-CBT cases using a standardized assessment measure to assess progress (two of these cases must have actively involved caregivers) to participate in this advanced TF-CBT training.

Learning Objectives: 1) Participant will learn guidelines on determining where sexual behaviors fall on a continuum of typical to concerning to problematic or harmful. 2) Participants will be provided with an overview of traumatic stress and common reactions in pre-school and school-aged children. 3) Participants will learn strategies to assess if the PSB is driven by trauma experiences and sequela. 4) Participants will gain information on clinical decision making in cases of children with PSB and trauma experiences. 5) Participants will learn about addressing trauma-related PSB within TF-CBT including a discussion of the timing of treatment elements, decision making around prioritizing treatment components, and how to apply this in the clinic environment.

Presenter(s): Benjamin Sigel, PhD, Roy Van Tassell, LPC, Amanda Mitten, MA, and Katherine Drewry, LCSW

Please note – This is an advanced TF-CBT training in which support is provided for addressing trauma-related PSB within TFCBT treatment for children 12 and under, and not training in a new and/or different treatment model. Furthermore, the treatment of PSB in the absence of trauma symptoms as well as youth over age 12 are not training objectives. This training is not designed to replace formal training in evidence-based treatment for PSB (e.g., PSB-CBT). Those who have completed training in PSB-CBT, would not need to attend this advanced training in TF-CBT.

If requesting Continuing Education(CE) Credit:
We will apply to offer 7.5 CE credits for:

*Licensed Professional Counselors/Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists
*Social Work
The fee for CEUs is $25

Certificates of Attendance are also available for participants interested in documenting their training activities